Acting like the hummingbird


When I was 15, looking at the huge pile of paper waste I was generated while studying, I realised that something was wrong and I needed to do something about it. So, I simply started to recycle and ran all over town to find the corresponding recycling bin. This is when I started to learn everything I could about climate change and our current Economy. I studied economy and then did a business school to understand our society and then to be able to change it and suggest solutions.  I thought for a certain time that the main problem was ignorance so I tried to contribute with my blog… But now, we can’t keep pretending that we don’t know what’s happening and that we don’t have the tools and solutions to make the required change. We do!

Then, I thought that the key was to change our lifestyle. So, I kept doing my part like stoping eating meat, reducing consumption and buying locally and responsibly… But then, I realised that was not so easy, not everyone can change their lifestyle and have the luxury to buy organic, locally or to take public transport…

When I learned about eco-design and the circular economy, I thought, here it is, that’s the key to the environmental crisis. But no, companies still refuse to implement such change. I couldn’t understand why it was not yet carried out by companies despite all the possible advantages. So, I tried to find answers by learning and studying more about it and now I am working on it by doing a PhD hoping that I will help companies in their transition towards a more sustainable business. I always had one goal which was to apply my skills and passion to do my part in this fight against the pollution like the hummingbird.

Then, I thought that one of the keys to change was to care about the environment and people’s life and health. If you care about something, logically you don’t want to damage or hurt it. Living by the sea and having the chance to admire such beauty everyday, I naively thought that people would be more respectful here and care about our environment, but I was wrong… Sadly, I witness everyday the impact humans have on Nature and it is truly heartbreaking! It makes me feel so powerless and hopeless. I often wonder if my small actions have an impact in front of such damage. I do understand why people have lost hope in the fight against climate change. However, I can be called naive, but I want to keep believing in good in people and that one day people will actually care and do their part…

It’s probably just a dream!

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