Acting like the hummingbird

When I was 15, looking at the huge pile of paper waste I was generated while studying, I realised that something was wrong and I needed to do something about it. So, I simply started to recycle and ran all over town to find the corresponding recycling bin. This is when I started to learn … Lire la suite de Acting like the hummingbird

A plastic ocean

We are already all aware of the tragic and sad situation of the pollution in the ocean. It seems such a huge problem that we can sometimes feel powerless in regards of  what's happening.All kinds of media, even not in purpose, can make us feel powerless: "everything we do is never going to be enough or … Lire la suite de A plastic ocean

Tout peut changer

Naomi Klein, journaliste canadienne, partage dans son dernier livre Tout peut changer, capitalisme et changement climatique, 5 ans de reportages, découvertes et analyses sur le changement climatique, ses répercussions sur nos sociétés et sur la planète. Ce livre relate l'urgence de la situation et le lien étroit entre notre modèle économique actuel et le changement … Lire la suite de Tout peut changer