A plastic ocean


We are already all aware of the tragic and sad situation of the pollution in the ocean. It seems such a huge problem that we can sometimes feel powerless in regards of  what’s happening.

All kinds of media, even not in purpose, can make us feel powerless: « everything we do is never going to be enough or perfect enough to resolve it ». Indeed, no solution is perfect! One day, we are told that using electric cars will save the environment and another day you will learn that it is destroying the environment anyway as you need lithium for the battery. So, we intend to give up and go back to our comfort life. In reality, we need to stop expecting others to find the ideal solution in order to make our change easier. We have to act according to our own choice and our own decision and understand that at our level even if we feel very small, we definitely have the power to change and do something if we really want to. Because if we always expect the big corporation or the powerful government to do something, for sure, things will hardly change even if their actions could make a huge impact. We have to stop expecting people to change. We should remember that we are all like a hummingbird who tries to stop the fire to spread even if its actions seem very little but it does its part (cf. The legend of the Hummingbird). 

Even if I knew the issue, it was really good to watch this documentary « A plastic ocean » as a reminder of what’s happening miles away from where I am or from what I am doing. Sometimes, it’s good to remember that we are part of a whole and to remember that our actions can impact and have consequences on the environment, on animals and on people. We are all responsible for what’s happening. I will definitely advise you to watch it as from all the different documentaries I have seen so far, this one is really impactful and well done. I agree with the comment of Sir D. Attenborough, « one of the most important films of our time ». 

Here is the trailer:

« There is no away – because plastic is so permanent and so indestructible. When you cast it into the ocean, it doesn’t go away » D. Attenborough

Most of the plastic we use cannot be recycled yet as their composition is too complex so it ends up in the ocean and it will then create billions of micro-plastics. This will then impact all the food chain beginning by the tiniest plankton.  See below some facts and some actions, we can all begin to do in our daily life. 

9 Things You Can Do to Reduce Plastic Pollution

During this conference, organized by the Society of Spanish Researchers in the United Kingdom, we discovered some solutions as well and some nice projects where people really want to make a change as the Aldabra clean-up project

We can all try to do our part in this global situation that impacts all of us as well as our future generations. As soon as you start caring, change will come 🙂

More information:

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