We are nature!

Today, we celebrate Nature, but I truly think that we should celebrate and connect to it more often. We are part of it. Nature is so peaceful and full of love and life. Today, I did celebrate it by volunteering in a fairtrade shop. A shop where I feel good and relax because we sell products that tell story about people and nature. I feel so connected…you know, in a way that you feel connected to your environment and you feel peaceful. It is this feeling that nature offers me, everyday.

I felt so horrible after the third terrorist attack in the UK in less than 3 months, especially when I read testimony about the live event because I feel their emotions, their sadness, their anger… And you know what, just by looking at the wind in the trees, I felt better, because I felt life. It helps me feeling better and enjoying life, otherwise, my empathy, this feeling that we all have, would have kept me away of happiness and joy. This is a reason why I cannot look at pictures, or videos about those terrible events, any kind of horrible events, in any countries. Empathy is such a strong emotion, I love feeling it and let me go through myself. I feel so Human! But, Nature helps me staying connected to people and to life. Nature helps me staying focused in my belief, in my belief of happiness, in my belief that Love will win, in my belief that Human is good by nature.

We are all connected, in many ways, to each others and to Nature. We are part of a whole. We should all spend more time in Nature, to connect to ourself and listen to our emotions and let them guide our path and just listen to our heart. ❤


A wonderful life moment in St Sepulchre’s Cemetery, Oxford (UK). Copyright Virginie Litaudon

We should all connect to nature and celebrate it more often. Nature is so peaceful and full of life. We are nature! 



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